Welcome To My Blog!

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Hi My name is Isabella, Welcome to my blog! Hope you enjoy it here!

10 thoughts on “Welcome To My Blog!

  1. Hi Isabella:

    My name is Mrs. Gado and I have been assigned as your mentor for the upcoming Student Blogging Challenge! I am working at a Canadian School in Hong Kong. I can’t wait to read your blog.

    1. Hi Isabella:

      I have taught Grade 2, Grade 3 and Kindergarten but I am now the School’s ICT Educational Specialist. That just means that I get to play with technology (computers, iPads, robots, apps, websites) ALL DAY and then teach the teachers and students how to use it! I LOVE MY JOB!! What kind of jobs are you interested in having some day?

  2. Some of the jobs that I want to do is be a vet help my friend Jorjah at RSPCA (that’s if she gets a job) I want to get a job that involves animals.

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